The Best Is Yet to Come – Part 1


the-best-2This past Tuesday Rabbi Michael and I attended a meeting with other local leaders of congregations.  During the devotional, the gentleman speaking encouraged us with Ephesians 3.  At the end he quickly shared the following three main points from a sermon by Jonathan Edwards, a man Adonai used greatly during the The Great Awakening.  (An event that is still being taught in college – my daughter’s American history class just went over it.)  I wanted to share those three points and elaborate on them in this word for the week.  They were:

  1. God can take the bad and turn it into something good.
  2. The good can never be taken away.
  3. The best is yet to come.

Let’s face it, each one of us have “bad” that sometimes comes into our lives.  The person who immediately comes to mind when I hear this is Joseph.  When we look at his story in Beresheet (Genesis), it goes from bad to worse to horrible.  From the pit to a slave to a prison – all of it opposite of the dream G-d gave Him.  Yet, Adonai took all of that bad and turned it into something good not only for Yosef but for the entire nation of Israel and all the peoples of Egypt and the surrounding nations.  G-d can take the bad in your life right now and turn it into something good.

Secondly, the good can never be taken.  I pondered what Jonathan Edwards meant by this.  I have not read or listened to his sermon, but I began to think of the Scripture where Yeshua was talking about gifts. He said that if earthly fathers know how to give good gifts to their children how much more would G-d, our heavenly Father, give good gifts to us (Mattityahi-Matthew 7.11).  Of course, in this context He was talking about the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit).  G-d doesn’t take back the gifts He gives to us.  When He turns the bad into good, He is not going to renege on it and demand we give it back.  He loves and cares for us.  Receive and treasure all the good that He has poured into your life already.

Finally, the best is yet to come.  This phrase is one that G-d has quickened to my heart over the last few years.  I even bought myself and Michael matching coffee mugs that I saw when I was checking out from Joan’s Fabric store a couple of years ago and I don’t even drink coffee!  That mug sits on my desk in my office at the synagogue.  (I do drink water from it and occasionally hot chocolate.)  Every time I see it, it reminds me that there is more that Adonai wants to do in my life personally and in the congregation.  It encourages me, even when I might be in the midst of bad things, that there is something good in my future.

We can be confident that the best is yet to come not because we have great abilities, but because we serve the Creator of the Heavens and Earth who delights to demonstrate His presence and power and might in and on behalf of His people.  So, don’t lose heart or hope but be encouraged that Adonai is bringing the best into your life.


Rabbi Carol Calise

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