Ki Tavo


I’d like to share from the last verse of the Haftarah reading.

Isaiah 60:22

“The smallest will grow to a thousand, the weakest will become a mighty nation. I, Adonai, when the right time comes, will quickly bring it about.”

This verse concludes the chapter in which Adonai promises us:

  1. That He will shine His glory on us.
  2. The nations will come to us seeking Adonai.
  3. Our sons and daughters will return. The prodigals will come home.
  4. There will be an outpouring of wealth into our hands
  5. People who are foreigners will help to build us up.
  6. Those who oppressed us will come in repentance
  7. The house of Adonai’s glory will be established
  8. We will be radiant and filled with joy.
  9. We will be a source of joy for others.
  10. Our walls will be called salvation and our gates Praise.
  11. The days of mourning are over.
  12. He will do an exchange in our lives gold for bronze, iron for silver, bronze in place of wood, and iron in place of stones.
  13. Adonai will be the light of our lives.
  14. We will be the righteousness of Adonai.
  15. We will inherit the promises of Adonai.

And even though today everything may seem smallĀ  and insignificant. Even though you may feel weak and inadequate, Adonai says things will change.The smallest will grow to a thousand, the weakest will become a mighty nation. How is this going to happen. Quickly. At the appointed time Adonai will bring it all to pass. We need to stand in faith, shake off discouragement, hold onto the promises of Adonai and watch Him perform His word on your behalf.

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