The Best Is Yet to Come – Part Two


copy-of-the-best-2In last week’s word for the week, I ended talking about “the best is yet to come.”  This week I would like to conclude my thoughts on that.  As I mentioned, I had heard a devotional based on Ephesians 3 earlier that week.   As we focus on the principle that the best is yet to come, I want us to meditate on Ephesians 3:20. It says that G-d “is able to do far beyond anything we can ask or imagine.”  A translation by Wuest says, “Now to the One who is able to do beyond all things, superabundantly beyond and over and above those things that we are asking for ourselves and considering, in the measure of the power which is operative in us.”

Several times during that week G-d had brought to my attention to the topic of dreams and visions reminding me of those dreams, visions, and promises that He had given to Michael and me.  I felt He was reminding me that those dreams and visions  are still a reality to Him and they are part of the best that is yet to come in our lives.  In this verse Adonai encourages us that not only will He do what we ask and imagine, but He will far surpass that!  The problem is we don’t understand what that means.  He WILL DO GREATER AND MORE than what we think or ask from Him

As I reflected on this verse and studied it, I understood that G-d’s ability is never in question and His power has not weakened.  However, the problem is that sometimes we stop asking and imagining.  We stop dreaming or holding onto the promises that G-d has spoken to us.  For some of us it is because we have waited so long.  We feel the promise or dream will never come to pass.  Remember that Avraham had to wait almost 25 years for the promised son.  Yet, he did not waver in doubt and unbelief concerning the dream and promise G-d had given Him.

Charles Spurgeon was once approached by a preacher who said he was not seeing many people come to faith in Messiah.  Spurgeon asked him if he expected people to come to faith in Messiah when he spoke.  His answer was no.  Spurgeon told him that was the problem.  Unfortunately, that is often the case for many of us.  We don’t expect anything to happen.  Many of us have given up on asking, believing and expecting.  Adonai wants to encourage you to hold onto the promise of G-d for your life.  Don’t let go of the dreams He has given.  Don’t stop asking or expecting. The best is yet to come and we have a mighty G-d who wants to “accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.”


Rabbi Carol Calise

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