Promise Keeper


a-promise-keeperI just finished reading through the book of BaMidbar (Numbers). This book details the journey of Israel out of Egypt and through the wilderness. At one point, Balak, the king of Moab, opposed Israel. He was fearful of this nation seeing them as a threat to his own country after hearing what the Israelites did to the Emori who opposed them (Chapter 22). So Balak hires a prophet to come and speak a curse against Israel. Most of us are familiar with the story of Balaam and his talking donkey. However, I want to share his words to King Balak who was disturbed because Balaam kept blessing Israel instead of cursing them.

In BaMidbar (Numbers) 23.19 Balaam says to Barak, He then elaborates how Adonai is with Israel, delivered them out of Egypt, and strengthened them to rise up in the face of their enemies.

Adonai had promised Avraham that He would bring his descendants out of Egypt and bring them into the Promised Land making them into a great nation. That is exactly what He did and the modern state of Israel is a reminder of His faithfulness to keep His word.

In the face of difficulty and opposition, we must remember this truth about the G-d we serve. He does NOT lie and He does NOT change His mind. He ALWAYS keeps His word. Whatever situation you are facing, whatever promise you are believing to see realized in your life, remember G-d is a covenant keeping G-d. As I posted on my Facebook page today, “Adonai ALWAYS keeps His Word. He NEVER fails! G-d will be faithful to fulfill every word He has spoken over your life and family. He will keep the promises He has made in His word. Whatever your need is, He is the one to meet that need. He promises healing, provision, restoration, salvation of our loved ones, rest for the weary, and peace for the troubled. His plans for each one of us are good plans – to give us a hope and a future.

So when it seems like all hell has broken lose against you and your loved ones, remember that G-d is for you and He will fulfill His promises in your life. Only believe. Do not give in to doubt and unbelief or discouragement no matter what your natural eyes see. Israel had to face the enemy that sought to destroy her, but G-d was with her and delivered her keeping His promise to Avraham. He will do the same in your life and mine. When He speaks, you can trust that He will deliver. He will not renege on His word. He was the first and is the best Promise Keeper. Trust your situation into His hands.


Rabbi Carol Calise

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