October 16, 2018


Shalom Mishpochah,

Last Thursday night at prayer, Michael opened up with a medley entitled, Fill me Up/Overflow.  G-d stirred my heart once again.  It’s not my human efforts, but it is His presence and power that will change this world.  A couple of lines from the open worship said, “Fill me up until I run over until the dry bones respond, I want to run over until cancer responds.  I want to run over until my family responds.”  I cried throughout the prayer time because there are so many lost people in this world who need G-d.  We are surrounded by sick, hurting people who need to experience healing and freedom through an encounter with Adonai.  I prayed during the prayer time asking G-d to help us understand that to overflow we must recognize that we desperately need Him.

On Friday morning I listened to that song on YouTube and the song immediately after it was Hunger by David and Nicole Binion.  I wrote in my journal, “Adonai, I hunger for more of You. I want to make a difference in my generation just like Noach was found to be righteous in his generation.  I want the lost to respond to You in me. I want the sick to be healed because of You in me.  FILL ME UP.  You provide the fire. I’ll be the sacrifice.  You provide the Spirit and I will open up inside.”

I realized that I cannot overflow with His presence if I am not hungry for more of Him.  Many studies and articles have been written that indicate that the more junk food we eat, the less of an appetite we will have for real food.  Too often we fill up with the “junk”f of this world, instead of waiting to be filled with His Presence.

We had a lot of rain Thursday night to Friday morning.  We have one window under our deck that fills up and the water runs into our basement.  We meant to take care of it this past summer, but we never got around to it.  I went down Thursday night after prayer and the water was pouring out of that window like a mini water fall.  As quick as I vacuumed it up, the water was overflowing onto the floor again.  Adonai quickened to me that the water overflowing into my basement was a picture of what it meant to overflow with Him.  I couldn’t stop that water from coming into the basement.  When we are overflowing with His presence, it will naturally touch the lives of people around us.   It will bring release into our own lives as well. BUT that overflow comes only when we hunger, desire and seek Him.

May we desire Him more than anything else in this world.  May we hunger for His presence and friendship more than the friendship of anyone else.  May we want Him more than we want food, cars, clothes, material things, relationships, etc.  HE IS WHAT WE REALLY NEED!  I pray for a desperate cry of longing that emerges from us until we are truly overflowing with His presence and power to bring release to those hurting around us –  that we will truly be history makers in this generation

My prayer is that you and I will not be satisfied with less than what He has for us.  Hunger for Him, open up and be filled to overflowing.


Rabbi Carol Calise




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