G-d Cares For You



Yesterday I shared this devotional at our Ladies Breakfast and thought it would encourage you as you start your week to remember how much Adonai cares for you.

We just ended our week of celebrating.  Rabbi Michael and I shared in our two part series on the Power of One about the lives of Hadassah and Mordecai demonstrating how they each made a difference through their actions and their faith encouraging each of us that we too can be that one person that makes a difference in the life of someone else and in the world that we live.

I wanted to encourage you with some thoughts about G-d’s part in the Purim story.  He wants each of you to know that He cares for you. Many of you may know that the name of G-d is not explicitly used in the book of Esther, yet His hand is seen throughout this story.   What does this speak to us?

Even when we cannot see G-d, when we cannot feel Him, when we feel He is nowhere to be found, G-d is there.  I know the struggles of my own life,  the emotional stress I often experience, the questions I have about circumstances that I and my family are facing, the pain that is often felt over things that I have no control over.  Sometimes I look around and say to myself, “Where are you G-d?”  At those moments He reminds me through a story like that found in the book of Esther that He is right here beside me ready to help me when I need Him most.

When life is going the way you expected it to go, when everything is falling into place, when it seems nothing could go wrong, it is easy to rejoice in G-d and see His presence and  hand in your life.  However, when your checkbook is low and the bills need to be paid, when the pain of family situations overwhelms your heart, when you feel all alone and as if no one cares, it is hard to see that G-d is still there.

Yet, at those exact moments in our lives, we need to stop, step back and reflect on who this G-d is that we serve.  When we accepted Yeshua into our hearts, we entered into a covenant with the G-d of the Universe.  Our part of the covenant is minimal – we simply say yes to His grace and love.  It is G-d who gives the most in this covenant relationship.

In our story Adonai orchestrated the events of Mordecai and Hadassah’s life.  He touched Mordecai’s heart to adopt his cousin Hadassah when her parents died.  He moved on King Achi to favor Hadassah and choose her as his new queen.  He gave strength to Hadassh when she walked into that throne room not knowing whether she would live or die.  He used a wicked king to deliver our Jewish people from an evil plot to annihilate them.  Even though it seemed G-d was missing in action, He was right there in Shushan working behind the scenes on behalf of the Jewish people because He cared for them.

G-d cares for you.  Even though His name is not explicitly mentioned, His presence is implied on several occasions in our Purim story.  When Hadassah asked Mordecai and the Jewish people to fast and pray with her, who were they praying to?  The G-d of Israel.  She understood that her only hope was in the one who loved her and her people most.  She went to Him with her need.

Perhaps Hadassah thought of the words of the Psalmist in Tehillim (Psalm 54:22(23)  “Unload your burden on Adonai,  and He will sustain you.  He will never permit  the righteous to be moved.”  The words are echoed in the New Covenant passage where Kefa encourages us, “Throw all your anxieties upon him, because he cares about you.” Kefa Aleph (1 Peter) 5.7

She knew Adonai cared for her and her people.  G-d wants you to know He cares for you!  He sees the tears that no one else sees, He feels the pain that no one else knows you are feeling, He understand the depths of  your worries and He says to you today, “I care.  I see.  I am here.”  Some of us simply need to unload our burdens.  We are carrying around weights that He never intended us to carry.  He is calling us to throw those things upon Him, to unload them which means to abandon them – leave them with Him and don’t pick them up again.

When you feel you just cannot go on any more, when you feel you have nothing else to give, when you are at your lowest point. Adonai says, “Unload all of that on me and leave it.  I am big enough to handle it all.”  As we do that, we are encouraged that He will sustain us.  He will help us through the difficulties that we are facing and He will bring us through the pain of the night into a place that He has prepared for us.  Death was not Hadassah’s destiny or that of the Jewish people.  G-d cared for her and her people and sustained them through one of the most horrific moments of our history.  That same G-d is here for you today.  The pain you are feeling, the concerns you are facing, the questions you are asking are not meant to crush you.  His plan is to bring you through all of that to the place He has prepared for you.  It is a place of peace, of hope, of joy, of encouragement, of joy, of satisfaction, and of fulfillment.  He loves you with an everlasting love and He is not absent in your life.  His word to you today is I care and I want to take your burdens.  “”Come to me, all of you who are struggling and burdened, and I will give you rest. “  Mattityahu (Matthew) 11.28


Rabbi Carol Calise

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