Breakthrough is coming




It has been a few months since I’ve shared a word for the week.  The summer has been very busy.  There have been several things that Adonai has been speaking to me about during the last few months.  One of them is breakthrough.  Does anyone else need a breakthrough in their lives?  I want to see breakthrough in revival and Jewish people coming to faith as well as in my life personally.

I was listening to one speaker a month ago who said that a breakthrough is “a sudden burst that pushes you beyond what is holding you back so you can advance in life.”  However, he went on to say that a lot of these suddenlies are really the result of an accumulation of prayers that have been made by the people of G-d.

Sometimes when we are standing in faith for G-d to move in our lives, we can get discouraged and even think He has forgotten us.  However, He has not forgotten you.  There are so many examples in Scripture of men and women who could have given into discouragement, but they did not.  Think of Yosef – sold by his own brothers as a slave.  Think of Kefa thrown into prison for preaching the Good News of Yeshua.  Rav Shaul was often put into prison for simply being a follower of Yeshua and sharing that Good News wherever he went.  This summer I am doing a series on the book of Daniel with the youth of the congregation.  We have seen how Daniel and his friends were often put into tough spots where they could have thought that G-d was letting them down.

What did each of these men do?  They remained steadfast in their faith and commitment to Adonai.  That’s what you and I need to do.  Your circumstance may look bleak.  Your body may feel like it’s about to give out.  Your finances might be dwindling away.  Your relationships could be strained and difficult at this time.  G-d would encourage us to continue to put our hope and trust in Him.

We cannot manipulate G-d’s sovereignty, but we can certainly position ourselves to be in the right place to experience a suddenly – to see breakthrough in our lives.  When the people prayed for Kefa in prison, the chains dropped to the ground and he walked out a free man. When Rav Shaul and Silas prayed in prison, the doors were open and their chains fell off.

Friends, let us not grow weary but continue to pray and worship and seek the face of G-d.  He wants to breakthrough in our generation in a powerful way.  He wants to manifest His presence.  He wants to do supernatural miracles.  He wants to restore marriages.  He wants to heal the sick.   Be persistent and consistent in seeking Adonai.  He will always be faithful to perform His word.

Don’t give up.  Breakthrough is coming.  G-d has told us to keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking and HE WILL ANSWER!


Rabbi Carol

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