May 25, 2019

Shalom mishpochah.

Two weeks from today we will be celebrating Shavuot.  My heart has been reignited this week with anticipation of G-d doing something new and fresh in our midst.  My sermon from this morning touches on it, but I wanted to encourage us a little more in this area tonight.

Abigail asked me to read a book with her this summer by Reinhard Bonnke called:  Holy Spirit:  Are We Flammable or Fireproof.  We started it this week and are only a few pages in.  Yet, G-d has used it to stir my heart and I wanted to share a small section I wrote in my journal this week from it.

“Power is the essence of the believer’s witness.  It is not a Gospel accessory. It is not the bell on the bicycle-it is the whole machine!..To be blunt Messianic faith is either supernatural or nothing at all…Take the miraculous away and you have taken faith’slife away.  The kehilahbecomes an ethical society or a social club when it is intended to  be the grid system for transmitting the power of G-d into this powerless world.

There is a dynamic, dead-raising power in the inside of you.  G-d has made it available to every believer.  There is no excuse for weakness against sin or evil.  After all, we can do all things through Messiah who strengthens us,  (Philippians 4.13)”

POWER!  We are to be transmitters of the power of G-d to this lost and dying world.  There is so much wrong in our world.  Chaos and turmoil abounds. Troubles and disturbances lurk around every corner.   People struggle with sickness and disease, depression and anxiety, despair and discouragement.  Where will they find relief?  Where can you find release for your life?  It is not in a new government program or a well laid out agenda by a social organization.  What our world needs today – what you need today is a fresh impartation of the power of G-d.

Adonai spoke clearly to Zerubabbel declaring it would not be by human power or human strength but by the Spirit of the Living G-d that the situation would change.  We are to be conduits of the power of G-d.  His power is NOT OPTIONAL.  It is a necessity if we are to navigate through this world and impact it for the Kingdom of G-d.  Yet, we are weak and frail in our own faith.  Many are weary and worn out from a constant struggle and battle with the forces of darkness.  G-d wants to remind you that He is still on the throne and that He has set an appointed time – Shavuot 2019 – to release a fresh anointing on your life and in this world.  G-d wants to transform you from the inside out and bring you into the wide open spacious place He has prepared for you.  It will be a place of fruitfulness.  That which has been hard and difficult will become easy.  Areas that have been bound up will be let loose.  His hand will rest upon us to advance His Kingdom in the dark world around us.

Make these last two weeks of counting the Omer be two weeks of diligently pressing in  and seeking the face of Adonai.  After His resurrection and being with His talmidim for 40 days, Yeshua sent them into the city to wait for the Promise.  The talmidim spent those 10 days in great anticipation of what was going to happen even though they didn’t know exactly what that would be.  On June 8, 2019, G-d wants to do something He has never done before in your life and in this congregation.  Expect it!  He wants to take us to a new level in Him where we walk in a fresh anointing of the Ruach, flowing in His power to touch our community with the Good News of Messiah.  There are almost 2 million Jewish people in the metropolitan area who desperately need to know their Messiah.  Adonai is looking for us to be that witness to them – not in our own strength, but under the guidance and anointing of His Holy Spirit.  Indeed, there is dead-raising power inside each one of us – power to set the captives free, power to be personally changed, and power to change our world.  Let us go to that new level in Him this Shavuot.


Rabbi Carol Calise

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