Why don’t educated and religious Jewish people accept Yeshua?


Why don’t educated and religious Jewish people accept Yeshua? It seems only non-educated and Jews without a strong Jewish identity accept Yeshua.

Obviously this is not true. If you look at the article, “When the Majority were wrong,” you will find a list of prominent religious and educated Jewish men and women who did embrace the Messiah. Here’s a small example.

  • 1781 – William Herschel – Scientist & Astronomer

William Herschel, a Jewish believer, using a telescope he designed and constructed, discovers the planet Uranus. Herschel also fixes the positions of 2,500 nebulas, of which only 103 had previously been known. He infers the existence of binary stars, and then identifies 209 such pairs of stars that revolve around a common center. He discovers the infrared rays of the sun, defines and explains the composition of the Milky Way, and makes many other discoveries.

  • 1825 – Rabbi Michael Solomon Alexander – English Rabbi

Rabbi Michael Solomon Alexander comes to faith Messiah in 1825 after concluding that Rabbis had concealed the truth about Jesus; seven years later he becomes Professor of Hebrew and Rabbinical Literature at King’s College, London. His name comes first on the long list of those who signed a “protest of Messianic Jews in England” against the false accusation that Jews used Christian blood in Passover rites. When the British Parliament endows the position of Bishop of Jerusalem, the appointment goes to Alexander; in Jerusalem, he opens both an institution for the training of Jewish believers and a hospital for the sick Jewish residents of Jerusalem.

  • 1826 – Felix Mendelssohn – Composer

Felix Mendelssohn, Jewish believer and grandson of the great Jewish philosopher Moses Mendelssohn

  • 1909 – Isaac Lichtenstein, Chief Rabbi of Hungary

In 1909, Isaac Lichtenstein dies, leaving writings explaining how he read a copy of the New Testament after 40 years of work as a Rabbi in Hungary and was impressed by “the greatness, power, and glory of this book, formerly a sealed book to me. All seemed so new to me and yet it did me good like the sight of an old friend…. I had thought the New Testament to be impure, a source of pride, of selfishness, of hatred, and of the worst kind of violence, but as I opened it I felt myself peculiarly and wonderfully taken possession of. A sudden glory, a light flashed through my soul. I looked for thorns and found roses; I discovered pearls instead of pebbles; instead of hatred, love; instead of vengeance, forgiveness; instead of bondage, freedom.”

A letter to his son, a doctor, reports that “From every line in the New Testament, from every word, the Jewish spirit streamed forth light, life, power, endurance, faith, hope, love, charity, limitless and indestructible faith in God.” Others, hating the idea of a long-term Rabbi turning “renegade,” attack Lichtenstein. His reply: “I have been an honored Rabbi for the space of 40 years, and now, in my old age, I am treated by my friends as one possessed by an evil spirit, and by my enemies as an outcast. I am become a butt of mockers, who point the finger at me. But while I live I will stand on my tower, though I may stand there all alone. I will listen to the words of God.”

  • 1913- Arthur Kuldell, Messianic Jewish Leader
  • 1921 – Max Reich, Professor and Zionist
  • 1922 – Niels Bohr, Nobel Prize for Physics
  • 1927 – Henri Bergson, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature
  • 1930 – Hans Herzl, son of Theodore Herzl (founder of modern Zionism)

And on and on the list can go. Jewish people from all different backgrounds have and continue to embrace their Messiah. Doctors, lawyers, rabbis, housewives, blue-collar workers, etc. And from this list we can see that many of these were practicing Jews. They had not strayed from their Jewishness. They just began to question and examine the Hebrew Scriptures and came to conclude that Yeshua is the Messiah promised to Israel.

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