How can you be Jewish and still believe in Yeshua?


How can you be Jewish and still believe in Yeshua? I thought Jews couldn’t believe in Yeshua.

For years Jewish people have been told this. It is interesting that this is the only definition of a Jew given that says what a Jew is not– A Jew doesn’t believe in Yeshua. Never do you hear that a Jew who believed Rabbi Schneerson was the Messiah was no longer a Jew. You never hear that a Jew who follows any New Age or Eastern religion is no longer a Jew. Their choices may not be embraced by other Jews, but they are not told that they are no longer Jewish.

In reality what you believe will not change your Jewishness. If you were born a Jew, you will die a Jew. In the Tenach our Jewish people often worshipped false gods like Baal, Molech, etc. Never do the Hebrew Scriptures say they were no longer Jewish because of this idolatry. They were rebuked and told to turn back to Adonai, but they were never told they were not Jewish. The Talmud expresses it this way, “Israel hath sinned. R. Abba b. Zabda said: Even though [the people] have sinned, they are still [called] ‘Israel’. R. Abba said: Thus people say, A myrtle, though it stands among reeds, is still a myrtle, and it is so called.” (Sanh. 44a)

Our belief in Yeshua does not negate our Jewishness. While many in the Jewish world may not agree with our beliefs, we are still Jewish. We live a Jewish lifestyle. We attend synagogue weekly. We keep Shabbat. We will always be Jews whether we are accepted by other Jews or not.

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